Accents on Books with Lisa Williams

On the 25th of October poet Lisa Williams appeared on Accents radio show for another installment of the segment “Accents on Books with Lisa Williams.” She shared her thoughts on The Exchange by Sophie Cabot Black and talked about her experience guest-editing the Latest issue of The Louisville Review. Lisa read some wonderful poems and said very interesting things! Give the segment a listen!

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Mirela Ivanova’s poem on Accents

This was really fun! I read my translation of Mirela Ivanova’s poem while Brent Mathis accompanied with his guitar. Excerpt from Accents radio show on 9/27/2013.

Give it a listen!

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How to Make the Most of Your Writing Life

I believe that when we are born we are given three precious, finite, unsubstitutable treasures. These are time, body and mind. We need all three in order to write or to lead fulfilling lives, which, for so many of us means the same thing.

Only while we have all three at the same time can we write our poems, get ideas for amazing novels, or conduct mental arguments with our own characters. I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on how to take care of these three resources.
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Accents Participates in National Translation Month

It is so exciting for me to share three translations of poems by Vanya Angelova, Petar Tchouhov and Krassimir Vardyev. I am thankful to poet Claudia Serea for including samples from the Accents Publishing’s upcoming anthology of contemporary Bulgarian poetry in the National Translation Month of The Writing Center at PCCC.

Read the poems here .

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(Audio clip from a live Accents show on 2/22/2013)

I am a Bulgarian poet. This may not seem like a big revelation to you, but I just found out. I found out through reading poems in Bulgarian for an anthology of contemporary Bulgarian poetry that I am currently editing. I found out not by reading the really good poems, for all really good poetry has something universal in it that seems to transcend language and place. No, I realized I’m a Bulgarian poet by reading really bad poems in my native language.

Read the rest here:

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A Poem by Steven Cope

Poet Steve Cope surprises radio host Katerina Stoykova Klemer with a poem dedicated to her. Clip from Accents – a radio show for literature, art and culture on 2/15/2013.

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Accents on Books with Lisa Williams

After several conversations Lisa and I had about the importance of poetry book reviews, we decided to create a new segment on Accents radio show. This segment is called “Accents on Books with Lisa Williams.” Lisa will appear periodically on the show to share with the listeners her thoughts on several poetry books of her choosing. Please click below to hear the first installment of “Accents on Books with Lisa Williams.”

Clip from Accents – a Radio Show for Literature, Art and Culture on 2/15/2013.

Lisa Williams reviews Mary Szybist’s new poetry book, “Incarnadine” by Graywolf Press and Sarah Arvio’s new book “night thoughts: 70 dream poems & notes from an analysis” by Knopf.

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The Next Big Thing

“The Next Big Thing” Interview Project

I was very excited to be tagged by Chris Mattingly for this interview project, “The Next Big Thing,” where writers answer a series of questions about their recent or forthcoming book, post on their blog/web space, and tag others for the next week. You can read Chris’s interview if you click on the link above. I am thankful for the opportunity to talk to you about an anthology I’ve been editing and translating. Please read on!

What is the working title of the book?

There isn’t one yet. I need a really awesome and memorable image or expression, and then I will tagline it with “Anthology of Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry.”

So, for now the working title is “TBD: Anthology of Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry.”
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For Editors: Rejecting People You Know

I used to think that one of the hardest things I had to do as an editor was to reject the work of my friends. It turned out, though, that I discovered something harder – sending a “no thank you” note to a poetry mentor. I don’t regret doing it, but I dreaded answering his email for quite some time. This prompted me to write a few words about possible ways to feel less guilty when rejecting people you know, love, or feel obligation to in one way or another.
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Interview Podcast

I had the honor of appearing on J.P. Dancing Bear’s long-running poetry radio show “Out of Our Minds.” It was so much fun! I read many poems from my latest book, The Porcupine of Mind (Broadstone Books), as well as a translation of a poem by Petja Heinrich.

The podcast can be heard here:

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