(104/365) Poem by Bozhidar Pangelov

Katerina has taken on the challenge of translating poems from Bulgarian and publishing 365 of them on her blog during 2015! This is post number 104!


Among the blooming jasmine
you have no shadow,
but breath,
which pulses.
The dusk is meek—
the dream of a child
fallen asleep by his dad
(after a long story)
the sound of arriving summer
in a winding seashell.
Hug your knees
and you will hear:
“The life given to us
we lived for different
reasons …”
And the sea stayed
in circles.
Sank in between
the matte stars
(in the marble).
We’re left with a long road
toward hope.


Author: Bozhidar Pangelov
Translated from Bulgarian by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

Bozhidar Pangelov is the father of three children and the author of several poetry books. His poems have been widely published and translated.

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